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By: Lee A Fleisher, MD, FACC

  • Robert Dunning Dripps Professor and Chair of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The following statements are true with reference to vhca herbals purchase cystone 60caps on-line Mycoplasma except: a) They are the smallest prokaryotic organisms that can grow in cell free culture media lotus herbals 3 in 1 sunblock review buy generic cystone 60 caps on line. The most important indication for surgical repair of a Bicornuate Uterus is: a) Infertility b) Dysmenorrhoea c) Menorrhagia d) Habitual abortion Answer 4 172 3-1 herbals letter draft purchase cystone 60caps overnight delivery. Which of the following test is the most sensitive for detection of iron depletion in pregnancy At what gestation does the switchover from fetal to adult hemoglobin synthesis begin In which of the following conditions would maternal serum a-fetoprotein values be the highest The treatment of choice for Anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid infiltrating trachea and sternum will be: a) Anaplastic carcinoma b) Follicular carcinouma c) Papillary carcinoma d) Palliative/Symptomatic treatments Answer 3 178. The treatment of choice for Anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid infiltrating trachea and sternum will be: a) Radical excision b) Chemotherapy c) Radiotheraphy d) Palliative/Symptomatic treatment Answer 3 /4 (We prefer 4 as it is broad term and encompasses pain / other care needed for a terminal patient) 179. A 10 year old boy developed hoarseness of voice following an attack of diphtheria. The treatment of choice for paralysed vocal cord will be: a) Gel foam injection of right vocal cord b) Fat injection of right vocal cord c) Thyroplasty type I d) Wait for spontaneous recovery of vocal cord. The current treatment of choice for a large Antro-choanal polyp in a 30 year old man is: a) Intranasal polypectomy b) Caldwell Luc operation c) E. A 2 year old boy presents with fever for 3 days which responded to administration of paracetamol. Three days later he developed acute renal failure, marked acidosis and encephalopathy. A 5 year old child is rushed to casualty reportedly electrocuted while playing in a park. Arterial blood gas of a 5 year old done at sea level gives the following results: pH 7. Recurrent respiratory tract infections may occur in all of the following except: a) Ventricular sepal defect b) Tetrology of fallot c) Transposition of great arteries d) Total anomalous venous return Answer 2 187. The most likely diagnosis is: a) Bartter syndrome b) Mutation of the calcium sensing receptor. A female child has recently learned to eat with spoon without spilling; to dress and undress hereself with supervision; and to understand that she is a girl. The Mu receptor of the opioids is responsible for the following clinical actions except: a) Analgesia b) Respiratory depression c) Sedation d) Diuresis Answer 4 191. Which one of the following drugs does not produce central anticholinergic syndrome: a) Atropine sulphate b) Glycopyrrolate c) Antihistaminics d) Tricyclic antidep Answer 2 192. All of the following are true about heparin except: a) Weakest acid found in living things b) Most commercial preparations of heparin now utilize pig intestinal slimes c) Act via Antithrombin activation d) Produce thrombocytopenia Answer 1 193. The new agent, useful in breast cancer, belongs to which of the following category of drugs Bradycardia is common after injection of: a) Midazolam b) Succinyl choline c) Dopamine d) Isoprenaline Answer 2 195. According to myogenic hypothesis of renal autoregulation, the afferent arterioles contract in response to strech induced by: a) No release b) Noradrenaline release c) Opening of Ca2+ channels d) Adenosine release. An anterolateral corodotomy relieving pain in right leg is effective because it interrupts the: a) Left dorsal column b) Left ventral spinothalmic tract c) Left lateral spinothalmic tract d) Right lateral spinothalmic tract Answer 3 198. Beta waveforms in electroencephalogram designate which of the following states of the patient She should be advised: a) Additional intake of 300 kcal b) Additional intake of 500 kcal c) Additional intake of 650 kcal d) No extra kcal Answer 1 this text is under updation, we hope to provide a better referenced and explanatory version soon. When our final version is released we will also make available a printable pdf document to reduce the number of pages. When the axial length of the eyeball is changed by 1 mm then the power changes by a.


  • Severe pain in the throat
  • Anger control issues
  • Diabetes or other metabolic disease
  • What is the date?
  • Downward-slanted eyes
  • Swelling in front of the ears
  • Fracture

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By contrast herbals guide buy discount cystone 60 caps line, they are readily discerned on the joint from two sides is sometimes required potters 150ml herbal cough remover discount 60caps cystone visa. Under no circumstances should the high cellular content and Lymphangioma nuclear polymorphism at this site be interpreted as in Lymphangiomas may already be present at birth or occur dicators of malignancy herbals teas safe during pregnancy cystone 60caps online. They are located primarily in the clonal chromosomal aberrations have been described. We make a distinction between cavernous and cystic the treatment consists of the removal of loose joint lymphangiomas. Further recurrences are rare after this procedure, even if the synovectomy was not 4. Popliteal cyst Popliteal cysts usually occur unilaterally and are more Pigmented villonodular synovitis common in boys than girls. They usually originate from While this disease tends to occur in adult patients, it is a bursa located under a tendon, either the tendon of the also observed in adolescents. A distinction is made be semitendinosus or semimembranosus muscle or the me tween a diffuse villous or villonodular form and a localized dial or lateral head of the gastrocnemius. Cysts also occa nodular form, which is also known as a synovial giant cell sionally occur as a result of capsular herniation. In addition to articular manifestations, the condi (more accurately pseudocysts since they do not possess tion can also occur in extra-articular sites. The common an epithelial lining) are bordered by a connective tissue est site is the knee (Fig. Clinically, the symptoms are relatively mild initially, and the the cyst is a firm, elastic, and sometimes very large, mass condition is often diagnosed only after several years. Thickening of the joint capsule is observed, and recur the sonogram shows the presence of fluid. Ganglion Histology: the brown discoloration of the thickened Ganglia occur at any age, but primarily during adulthood. Alongside these are Depending on its location, a ganglion can cause mechani giant osteoclast-type cells and chronic inflammatory cal interference. The surgeon should ensure that the pedicle is Treatment involves as complete a synovectomy as removed otherwise recurrences can occur. Adjacent to these are im mature, very cell-rich areas of new bone formation that slowly mature towards the periphery and form mineralized trabeculae surrounded here by typical cubic osteoblasts. In the case of an extraskeletal os teosarcoma, on the other hand, it is the unmatured sections that are located at the periphery. The resection should be accompanied by the administration of high-dose prostaglandin in hibitors. In adult patients, low dose radiotherapy immediately before or after surgery is another option [35]. Since the synovectomy is almost never complete, all, it ranks fourth among the malignant soft tissue recurrences occur repeatedly. We therefore perform tumors (after malignant fibrous histiocytoma, liposar a synoviorthesis with osmic acid or radionuclides six coma and fibrosarcoma). A distinction is made between weeks after the resection, although only for patients embryonal, alveolar and pleomorphic forms. The tive formation of new bone within the muscles or peri very rare pleomorphic variant is observed mainly in osteum (periostitis ossificans). These are frequently observed in connec six subgroups would be more clinically relevant: botry tion with neuromuscular disorders (cerebral lesions or oid, spindle cell, embryonal, alveolar, undifferentiated paraplegias). The usual onset involves a coarse swelling of and rhabdomyosarcoma with rhabdoid components [29]. The lesion continues to grow over the following weeks, the embryonal and spindle cells forms usually affect the reaching its final size within around two months. During head and neck, while the alveolar type predominates in its growth phase the lesion is usually painful. Clinical features: this is a moderately fast-growing de After two months a, generally sharply defined, shad structive tumor that causes pain and rapidly becomes ow zone that is accentuated towards the periphery outwardly visible unless it grows in the abdominal becomes visible. While it is not always a straight the x-ray is not characteristic and calcifications are forward matter to distinguish this from an extraskel fairly unusual. Macroscopically it appears as a green etal osteosarcoma, osteosarcomas ossify from the ish-pink, usually lobed, tumor.

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Nodulus is still used internationally as a medical term according to jeevan herbals 60caps cystone amex Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek herbals 24 60caps cystone with visa. Nodule is described in several dictionaries himalaya herbals nourishing skin cream generic 60caps cystone with visa, namely Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam Webster, Collins and MedTerms Dictionary. Putting the descriptions together, one can conclude that a nodule is an accumulation of tissue in or on the body, which commonly is round and solid. The last two also give the diminutive knobbeltje as a possibility; in fact as nodule is derived from the Latin diminutive, a diminutive in Dutch seems a good choice. Knobbeltje is mentioned as an extra synonym for knobbel in the GenTerm records as it is just a diminuitive variant of knobbel and has no differences in meaning. Consequently it does not seem relevant to add it as an extra translation for nodule. Therefore it is only included in the GenTerm records as a further extra synonym for knobbel. Van Dale 3d, online states that knobbel is often used in its diminutive form and describes that it as a roundish, hard prominence in or on the body. The general description found for the 41 concept in this dictionary, and repeated in Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek, explains that knobbel is a more or less spherical and often hard elevation on a surface. As this term has a very similar definition to nodule and is supported by several primary and secondary sources, it is considered to be a good translation that additionally is easy to understand. The term has no Latin or Greek origin and therefore no international variant either. MedTerms Dictionary explains that onset is used for the first manifestation of the indications or symptoms of a disease. There seems to be no existent medical equivalent of onset in Dutch, but there are a couple of translations that express the start of something, namely begin and aanvang. There are other translations as well, but as they are all synonyms and only occur in one or two of the dictionaries they are considered uncommon. Moreover, they were not found in primary sources in similar medical contexts as onset, namely in combination with diseases. This suggests that in the medical context onset can be translated as begin (beginning) and as de eerste symtomen van. Both words have similar descriptions and refer to a starting point of something, but aanvang is considered to be more official. Eerste refers to the first of something and symptoms refers to all signs that are of some value to diagnose a disease, according to Van Dale 3d, online. They are equally understandable and can be used interchangeably as translations for onset. The origin of proptosis lies in the ancient Greek word proptosis, derived from propitein (to fall forward). Oxford English Dictionary, Collins and Merriam-Webster explain that proptosis is a forward dislocation of an organ or body part, mainly the eyeball. The term is described as a forward displacement and as a protuberance of the eye by Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek, dokterdokter. Uitpuiling van het oog (protrusion of the eye) is also proposed as a lay term by List and Glossary of medical terms: Dutch and medisch-woordenboek. It might be good to use 43 the lay term for children, as proptosis actually is a Greek word and is difficult to understand for them. Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek states that scoliosis is also the international Latin medical term. Based on the descriptions in Collins, Merriam-Webster and MedTerms Dictionary, someone suffers from scoliosis when he or she has a lateral curvature of the spine. MedTerms Dictionary also mentions that it may be congenital and adds that there are different types of scoliosis and that the degree of the scoliosis may range from mild to severe. The former mentions it as a synonym of scoliose and the latter gives the exact same description for scoliose and scoliosis, 44 which suggests these terms are synonyms.


  • Howel Evans syndrome
  • Eec syndrome without cleft lip palate
  • Fused mandibular incisors
  • Oculo cerebral dysplasia
  • Feigenbaum Bergeron syndrome
  • Pseudoachondroplastic dysplasia 1


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