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Well-Rounded Program

NWEA Testing is administered in grades 1 to 8 three times a year.

The Holy Trinity School faculty has developed outcomes for each area of study and works diligently to achieve those goals.


  • The mission of the school is to encourage each student to develop a personal relationship with God. Students are steeped in the Catholic faith tradition and have opportunities for prayer and service.
  • Prayer services, school Mass on Holy Days of Obligation, and Mass for the individual grades are part of the school year.
  • Each grade works together in community outreach projects for a variety of diverse charity organizations.

Language Arts/Literature:

  • Students develop the necessary skills to communicate their ideas, both in written and oral language, using Standard English.
  • In addition to proficiency, students will gain the appreciation and ability to enjoy all forms of quality literature.
  • Our extensive library continues to enhance the programs.
  • Students in grades 5 and 6 participate in the town-wide Annual Spelling Bee contest, sponsored by Wallingford Community Women.
  • Students in grade 8 participate in the town-wide Annual Speaking and Essay Contest sponsored by the Wallingford Rotary Club.

Social Studies/History/Geography:

  • Students are taught to recognize and grasp historical trends, unique traditions, and historical eras. The program provides a basis for and elevates an appreciation of universal natural law, as created by our God and our Constitution.
  • Social Studies is taught up to grade 6.
  • History, Geography, and Current Events are part of the curriculum in grades 7 and 8.


  • The exploration of the four sciences includes observation, classification, interpretation, and application of the subject matter. These skills are explored through integration of the study of theory, experimentation and incorporation of new technological concepts with other subject areas.
  • Two science coordinators who create hands-on activities for students in grades PreK to 8.
  • Students in grades 6 and 8 participate in the Annual Science Fair during Catholic Schools Week. Students use the scientific method to plan, implement, and present their science projects.


  • Students will have a solid foundation in mathematical concepts and skills as well as a broad knowledge of problem-solving strategies. Students will be able to apply this mathematical knowledge in future schooling and everyday experiences.

Advanced Mathematics:

  • Holy Trinity School offers an enrichment course which is designed to challenge and enrich the mathematically capable student. Students in grades 5 to 8 are eligible for this advanced course based upon grade average, standardized testing scores achieving the 85th percentile or above, and teacher recommendation.
Curriculum Advanced Math


  • Students will gain a familiarity with basic vocabulary and grammar structure in order to formulate simple sentences. With this introduction to a second language and the exploration of cultural diversity, students will have a solid foundation for expanding their knowledge of a second language in high school.
  • Grades PreK to 5 meet once a week, and grades 6 to 8 meet four times a week.
Curriculum Spanish

Music & Art:

  • Designed to encourage hands-on creativity, music and art classes expose students to as many art mediums and artistic genres as possible. Students are enticed to appreciate the beauty of the art world whether created professionally or through the talents of classmates.
  • There is an extracurricular performing arts program available to our students that includes band (grades 4 to 8) through Connecticut Future Musicians and Spirit and Bell choirs.


  • Holy Trinity School views technology as an effective and powerful tool, capable of enhancing both the communication ability and productive capacity of our students, staff and parents. Our goal is the complete integration of technology into the teaching and learning processes at all levels.
  • This is enhanced by our SMART Boards in each grade across the curriculum with the incorporation of iPads.
  • Graduates of Holy Trinity School are proficient in Docs, Slideshow, as well as Site in the Google Suite, and Word, Excel, and Powerpoint in Microsoft Office.
Curriculum Technology

Physical Education:

  • Activities are chosen that demonstrate skill building, good sportsmanship and fair play. Students develop a level of physical fitness according to their individual abilities and gain an understanding of teamwork, safety, and rules and procedures that they can apply to all aspects of their lives.
  • The physical education program is conducted in collaboration with the Wallingford Family YMCA.
  • Students also take part in a number of athletic programs, including school-sponsored sports teams, the Rock N’ Roll Relay, and Jump Rope for Heart.

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