Pre-K through Grade 8

Providing spiritual and educational leadership


Phone: 203-269-4477

Fax: 203-294-4983

8:00 A.M. - 2:25 P.M.

Monday to Friday


P: 203-269-4476

F: 203-294-4983

11 North Whittlesey

Wallingford, CT

8:10am - 2:25pm

Monday to Friday

Faculty & Staff

Holy Trinity School’s faculty and staff live the school mission statement by providing a quality academic program while developing a faith community which encourages respect for self, others, and the global community. The faculty and staff provide a warm and nurturing environment which allows students to grow not only academically, but socially and spiritually.

Parent involvement is crucial in helping provide the best learning environment for your child, so we encourage you to reach out to our faculty and staff if you have a question or want to know more about what your child is doing in class.


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Michael J. Frechette, Ph.D.


Joined HTS: 2020

Office Staff

Pam Perkowski


Joined HTS: 1998

Cindy Martin

School Nurse

Joined HTS: 2000

Kayla Metzger

Director of Advancement, Marketing, Admissions

Joined HTS: 2023

Jhimmy Ichpas

School Custodian

Joined HTS: 2013

Teachers and Staff

Zofia Mailloux

Kindergarten Teacher

Joined HTS: 2021

Kim DeLuca - Classroom Aide
Cheryl Esposito - Classroom Teacher

First Grade Teacher

Joined HTS: 2023

Anne Roth

Second Grade Teacher

Joined HTS: 1997

Karen Connell

Third Grade Teacher

HTS Class of 1983

Joined HTS: 2012

Sarah Brown

Fourth Grade Teacher

Joined HTS: 2023

Patricia Saia

Fifth Grade Teacher

HTS Class of 1976

Joined HTS: 2001

Lindsay Snecinski

Sixth Grade Homeroom Teacher

Literature Teacher Grades 6-8

Joined HTS: 2022

Kelly Mazzarella

Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher

Language Arts Teacher Grades 6-8, Religion and Geography Teacher Grade 8

Joined HTS: 2023

Anna Marie Salzo

Eighth Grade Homeroom Teacher

Math Grades 6-8 , Science and History Grade 8, Science and Religion Grade 7

Joined HTS: 2016

Karla Downey-Laffin

Preschool Teacher

Joined HTS: 2019

Mary Beth Williams

Second Grade Aide

Joined HTS: 2011

Susan Duprey

Third Grade Aide

Joined HTS: 2014

Kathy Lackman

Fourth Grade Aide

Joined HTS: 1998

Karen Smith

Fifth Grade Aide

Joined HTS: 1992

Liz Berry

Kindergarten Aide

Joined HTS: 2014

Christina Albraccio

Preschool Aide

Joined HTS: 2019

Carmen Campos
Lilia Garcia

Preschool Aides

Joined HTS: 2021

Enrichment Teachers

Kayla Metzger

Adv. Math Grades 5-8, Science Enrichment Grades 5-8

Joined HTS: 2023

Kristen Hinckley

School Librarian

Joined HTS: 2019

Melanie Gargamelli

Technology / Science Gr. PreK-4th

Joined HTS: 2023

Marie Celso

Music Teacher

Joined HTS: 2022

Deborah McMahon

Art Teacher

Joined HTS: 2023

Rob Newton

Physical Education from the YMCA

Joined HTS: 2016

Stephen Perrett

Future Musicians - Instrumental Music

Joined HTS: 2014

Sue Geist

Cafeteria Management

Joined HTS: 2023

Peggy Trella

Spanish Teacher - PK - 8th

Joined HTS: 2021

Lindsay Snecinski

Extended Care Management

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