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By: Pierre Kory, MPA, MD

  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Fellowship Program Director, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, New York


Inflammatory /infectious process: meningitis (tuberculus) diabetes insipidus subarachnoid hemorrhage cheap acarbose 25mg without a prescription, pituitary abscess 4 diabetes insipidus teaching plan 50 mg acarbose with visa. The function of all target glands will decrease when all hormones are deficient (panhypopituitarism) diabetes mellitus urine test order acarbose 50 mg otc. Symptoms of weakness, hypoglycemia, weight loss, and decreased axillary and pubic hair suggest the diagnosis. There is little bony deformity, soft tissue swelling or enlargement of peripheral nerves. Medical therapy is indicated if surgery and radiotherapy are contraindicated or have failed. Hyperprolactinoma /Galactorrhea Definition: Hyperprolactinoma is a clinical condition resulting from excess secretion of prolactin in men, or in women who are not breastfeeding. Prolactin secreting pituitary adenomas (Prolactinoma), are more common in women than in men, usually appearing during reproductive years. Men tend to have larger tumors (macroadenomas), which usually are suspected because of neurologic impairment and hypogonadism. Damage to the hypothalamus or the pituitary stalk: by tumors, granulomas and other process may prevent the normal regulatory effect of hypothalamic dopamine on lactotrope activity, resulting hypersecretion of prolactin. Drugs: drugs that inhibit dopamine activity, and thus interfere with its regulatory activity on prolactin secretion. Some of the drugs are phenothiazines, antidepressants, antihypertensives (methyldopa, reserpine), opioids, cimetidine, metoclopromide, contraceptives etc 4. A serum prolactin level greater than 300ng/ml strongly suggests the presence of prolactinoma. Surgical therapy: transsphenoidal surgery: cures most patients with small adenomas. Medical: Bromocriptine is remarkably effective in decreasing prolactin level, usually, to normal. It may be used in conjunction with surgery and bromocriptine to further reduce tumor size and function. Primary/Idiopathic: account for approximately 50 % of the cases of diabetes insipidus. Less common causes: neoplasms, histiocytosis, granulomas, vascular lesions, infections (encephalitis. Nocturia is almost always present, which may disturb sleep and cause mild day time fatigue or somnolence. A conscious patient with normal thirst mechanism and free access to water will maintain hydration. However rapid and life threatening dehydration and hypovolemia may develop rapidly, if urinary losses are not continuously replaced, which may occur in unconscious patients or infants. Measurement of plasma osmolality: in untreated patients helps to distinguish the cause of polyuria. In psychogenic polydipsia excess fluid intake is primary and serum osmolality is low (255 280 mOsm/kg) 488 Internal Medicine 2. Water deprivation test: started in the morning by weighing the patient, obtaining venous blood to determine electrolyte concentrations and osmolality, and measuring urinary osmolality. Fluid intake is withheld, and voided urine is collected hourly and its osmolality is measured. Severe disabling headache is reported to occur at least annually by 40% of individuals worldwide. These pain sensitive structures are the scalp, dura, sinuses, falx cerebri, middle meningeal arteries, proximal segments of large pial arteries and cranial nerves 5, 9 and 10.

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Most of infected individuals have few symptoms despite large numbers of circulating microfilaria in the peripheral blood blood sugar newborn order acarbose 50mg free shipping. But sub-clinical disease is common with microscopic hematuria and/or proteinuria and in men scrotal lymphangiectasia diabetes in dogs blindness buy 25mg acarbose mastercard. Only few patients progress 43 Internal Medicine to diabetes prevention in dogs discount 25 mg acarbose fast delivery the acute and chronic stages of infection. Patients may present acutely with high-grade fever, lymphangitis, and transient local edema. Later patients may have lymphedema (upper and lower extremities) and scrotal swelling. Definitive diagnosis is by demonstration of microfilaria from blood, hydrocele fluid or other body fluids at night. Albendazol 400mg twice daily for 21 days has been shown to have microfilaricidal activity. Epidemiology:-Infection in humans begins with deposition infective larvae on the skin by the bite of an infected black fly. About 7 months to 3 years after infection the gravid female releases microfilariae that migrate out of the nodule and through out the tissues. The subcutaneous nodules, onchocercomata, are the most characteristic lesions of onchocerciasis. Eczematous dermatitis and pigmentary changes are more common in the lower extremities. Early lesions are conjuctivitis with photophobia; sclerosing keratitis occurs in minority of patients, which leads to blindness. Diagnosis:-Diagnosis depends on demonstration of the microfilariae in the skin snip or nodules. Human trematode infections are classified according to the site they involve; the adult flukes may involve blood, biliary tree, intestines and lungs. Biliary (hepatic) flukes are opisthorchis viverini, clonorchs sinensis and fasciola hepatica. Design appropriate methods of prevention & control of schistosomiasis Definition Schistosomiasis (also known as Biliharziasis) is a group of diseases caused by the genus Schistosoma affecting mainly the gastrointestinal and genitourinary organs. Life cycle Man is the definitive host where sexual reproduction takes place after cercarial entry by skin penetration and snails are intermediate hosts in which asexual regeneration continues. This is encouraged by limited sanitary facilities (lack of safe and adequate H2O supply and latrines) substandard hygienic practices, use of water for irrigation, ignorance, poverty and population movements. Clinical manifestations Intestinal schistosomiasis is caused by all human Schistosoma except S. It affects the large bowel, the liver(in the intestinal form), distal colon and rectum, and manifestations are dependent on the stages of st infection. Patient may have generalized lymphadenopathy, hepatosplenomegally, urticaria and leucocytosis with marked eosinophilia. Severity depends on intensity of infection, and tends to be mild in indigenous population. The clinical picture represents the effect of the pathologic lesions caused by the eggs on the urinary and gastrointestinal systems.

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The technique of incising the ampullary mound and not extending to diabetes symptoms night sweats purchase acarbose 50 mg amex the papillary orifice is also termed a fistulotomy (Video 3 diabetic diet create your plate discount acarbose 50mg overnight delivery, Maintaining an inward thrust on the needle-knife catheter while cutting exerts enough pressure on the surface of the ampulla to diabetes diet in hindi pdf purchase 50 mg acarbose stretch it and achieve an appropriate depth of incision. A downward motion with the large wheel of the duodenoscope and scope torsion controls the direction and the depth of cut. The potential advantages of this method are reduction in the perforation risk as the upper extent of the cut is predefined, and reduction in the risk of pancreatitis because the pancreatic orifice remains untouched. Suprapapillary fistulotomy/infundibulotomy: this technique is only used in patients with a dilated bile duct causing a distinct impression upon the duodenal wall, and is generally above the occluded papillary orifice. A spot of bile is often seen after incising the mucosa, and the opening is then probed with a cannula and guide wire to create a choledochoduodenal fistula. The papillotome is wedged into the common channel, and the incision is made in the direction of the bile duct without wire guidance [6]. There are also potential long-term consequences of a pancreatic sphincterotomy, such as pancreatic orifice stenosis [8]. The sphinctero tome is positioned in the false track at the intramural portion of the papilla and the biliary orifice is unroofed from the inside to out [9]. It is often argued whether complications of precut are due to the precut itself or the preceding multiple failed cannulation attempts. A prospective, randomized multicenter study showed the pancreatitis risk was lower with early precut compared to persisting with cannulation attempts than performing a late precut [11]. While two studies did not demonstrate a learning curve to achieve proficiency [13, 14], in one study the success rates improved from 88 to 98% with time [15]. Also, while there was no difference in rates of complications in two studies [14, 15], in one study the complication rate decreased from 28 to 7% with time [13]. Initial Final Complications Learning curve success success (%) (%) Akaraviputh et al. The ampulla is most commonly on the rim of the diver ticulum, but can be located anywhere within. The sphincterotome can be reshaped so it exits the working channel at a different angle, or a rotatable sphincterotome can be used. Other methods to improve access to the papilla include using a pediatric biopsy forceps alongside the sphinc terotome, injection of saline inside the diverticulum, or endoscopically clipping the redundant mucosa along the rim (Figure 8. This allowed deep biliary cannulation with a sphincterotome (c) and successful endotherapy. After reaching the papilla, the cannulation success rate approaches that seen in patients with normal anatomy [16]. In contrast, Roux-en-Y anatomy is becoming more common, due to its increased use as a bariatric surgery tech nique [17]. This usually occurs at surgical anastomoses or tight luminal angulations during scope insertion. The afferent limb typi cally is located along the lesser curve, whilst the efferent limb is along the greater curve. If the scope is looping within the stomach, abdominal compression, supine positioning, or placing a polypectomy snare in the endoscope working channel to serve as a stiffening device can assist.

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Synthesis of lecithin (phosphatidyl choline) from phosphatidylethanolamine in bovine brain blood glucose 3 month test acarbose 50mg with visa. Methyl transfering enzyme system of microsomes in the biosynthesis of lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) diabetic diet exchange list order acarbose 50 mg with amex. Lecithin increases plasma free choline and decreases hepatic steatosis in long-term total parenteral nutrition patients diabetes insipidus oxytocin discount acarbose 50 mg with visa. Low plasma free choline is prevalent in patients receiving long term parenteral nutrition and is associated with hepatic aminotransferase abnormalities. Choline deficiency: A cause of hepatic steatosis during parenteral nutrition that can be reversed with intravenous choline supple mentation. Prenatal availability of cho line modifies development of the hippocampal cholinergic system. Hepatotoxicity associated with choline magne sium trisalicylate: Case report and review of salicylate-induced hepatotoxicity. A genetic defect in phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis triggers apoptosis in Chi nese hamster ovary cells. Accumulation of 1, 2-sn-diradylglycerol with increased membrane-associated protein kinase C may be the mechanism for spontaneous hepatocarcinogenesis in choline deficient rats. Effects of prolonged (1 year) choline deficiency and subsequent re-feeding of choline on 1, 2-sn-diradyl glycerol, fatty acids and protein kinase C in rat liver. Estradiol activates methylating enzyme(s) involved in the conversion of phosphatidyl ethanolamine to phosphatidylcholine in rat pituitary membranes. The minimum vitamin requirements of the L and HeLa cells in tissue culture, the production of specific vitamin deficiencies, and their cure. Chronic toxicity of methotrexate in rats: Partial to complete protection of the liver by choline. Choline distribution and metabolism in pregnant rats and fetuses are influenced by the choline content of the mater nal diet. Choline and lecithin in the treatment of tardive dyskinesia: Preliminary results from a pilot study. Renal inner medullary choline dehydrogenase activity: Characterization and modulation. Free choline concentration and cephalin-N-methyl transferase activity in the maternal and foetal liver and placenta of pregnant rats. Increase in tissue concentration of acetylcholine in guinea pigs in vivo induced by administration of choline. Relations between dietary choline or lecithin intake, serum choline levels, and various metabolic indices. Dietary choline supplementation in preg nant rats increases hippocampal phospholipase D activity of the offspring. In vivo methy lation capacity is not impaired in healthy men during short-term dietary folate and methyl group restriction. Apoptosis and proliferation under conditions of deoxynucleotide pool imbalance in liver of folate/methyl deficient rats. Choline metabolism and nutritional requirement of lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush). Influence of dietary protein and methionine levels on the requirement for choline by chickens. Severe folate deficiency causes secondary depletion of choline and phosphocholine in rat liver. Incorporation rate in vitro of choline and methyl methionine into human hepatic lecithins. Choline-induced spatial memory facilitation correlates with altered distribution and morphology of septal neurons. Evaluation of the Health Aspects of Choline Chloride and Choline Bitartrate as Food Ingredients. Effects of Consumption of Choline and Lecithin on Neurological and Cardiovascular Systems. Characterization of the facilitative effects of peri natal choline supplementation on timing and temporal memory. Perinatal choline supplementation increases the threshold for chunking in spatial memory. Simultaneous temporal processing is sensitive to prenatal choline availability in mature and aged rats.

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