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By: Pierre Kory, MPA, MD

  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Fellowship Program Director, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, New York


Typical Pediatric Therapy As for adult Cough arteria radicularis magna lanoxin 0.25mg with amex, myalgia blood pressure kit reviews order lanoxin 0.25mg on-line, seizures blood pressure medication vitamins order lanoxin 0.25 mg on line, urticaria, hepatomegaly, pulmonary infiltrates or retrobulbar lesion; Clinical Hints marked eosinophilia often present; symptoms resolve after several weeks, but eosinophilia may persist for years. Overt disease is characterized by fever, cough, wheezing, eosinophilia, myalgia, tender hepatomegaly and abdominal pain. Sporozoa, Coccidea, Eimeriida: Toxoplasma gondii Reservoir Rodent Pig Cattle Sheep Chicken Bird Cat Marsupial (kangaroo) Vector None Vehicle Transplacental Meat ingestion Soil ingestion Water or milk (rare) Fly Incubation Period 1w 3w (range 5d 21d) Serology. Pyrimethamine 25 mg/d + Sulfonamides 100 mg/kg (max 6g)/d X 4w give with folinic acid. Spiramycin (in pregnancy) 4g/d X 4w Pyrimethamine 2 mg/kg/d X 3d, then 1 mg/kg/d + Sulfonamides 100 mg/kg/d X 4w give with Typical Pediatric Therapy folinic acid. Congenital toxoplasmosis: 3 4 the rate and severity of congenital toxoplasmosis are largely related to gestational age at the time of infection. Ocular toxoplasmosis: Ocular toxoplasmosis occurs from reactivation of cysts in the retina. Toxoplasmosis Infectious Diseases of Haiti 2010 edition nonfocal forms of encephalitis. Chlamydia trachomatis, type A Reservoir Human Vector Fly Vehicle Infected secretions Fly Fomite Incubation Period 5d 12d Diagnostic Tests Culture or direct immunofluorescence of secretions. Also administer Typical Adult Therapy topical Tetracycline Typical Pediatric Therapy Erythromycin 10 mg/kg p. Also administer topical Tetracycline Keratoconjunctivitis with palpebral scarring and pannus formation; 0. Trachoma may be differentiated from inclusion conjunctivitis by the presence of corneal scarring and a preference of the latter for the upper tarsal conjunctivae this disease is endemic or potentially endemic to all countries. Signs and symptoms: 1-3 During the first week of illness, the patient may diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting. Systemic symptoms usually peak 2 to 3 weeks after infection and then slowly subside; however, weakness may persist for weeks. Flagellate: Trichomonas vaginalis Reservoir Human Vector None Vehicle Sexual contact Incubation Period 4d 28d Microscopy of vaginal discharge. X 1 (maximum 2 grams) Vaginal pruritus, erythema and thin or frothy discharge; mild urethritis may be present in male or Clinical Hints female. Pentatrichomonas, Tetratrichomonas, Trichomonaden, Trichomonas, Trichomonas vaginalis, Tricomoniasis, Tritrichomonas. Most men carrying trichomonads are asymptomatic; however, the organism is implicated in 5% to 15% of patients with nongonococcal urethritis. Trichomoniasis Infectious Diseases of Haiti 2010 edition Trichomoniasis in Haiti Prevalence surveys: 7 25. Adenophorea: Trichuris trichiura Reservoir Human Vector None Vehicle Soil ingestion Sexual contact (rare) Fly Incubation Period 2m 2y Diagnostic Tests Stool microscopy or visualization of adult worms (adults are approximately 3 cm long). Fusobacterium species and Borrelia Reservoir Human Vector None Vehicle Direct inoculation? Excision/debridement as necessary Typical Pediatric Therapy As for adult A deep, painful, foul-smelling ulcer (usually of the leg) with undermined edges; may be complicated Clinical Hints by secondary infection. Synonyms Clinical 1-3 Tropical pulmonary eosinophilia is characterized by recurrent episodes of paroxysmal, dry cough, wheezing, and dyspnea. Eosinophilia is present in the majority of patients, often at very high levels (as high as 60,000/cu mm). Administer for 6 months Typical Pediatric Therapy Nonabsorbable sulfa drug + folate. Administer for 6 months Chronic (months to years) diarrhea, bloating, weight loss, anemia; occasional early fever, glossitis, Clinical Hints neuropathy, dermatitis, nausea; malabsorption of fats, protein & minerals. Actinomycetes, Mycobacterium tuberculosis An aerobic acid-fast bacillus Reservoir Human Cattle Vector None Vehicle Air Dairy products Incubation Period 4w 12w (primary infection) Diagnostic Tests Microscopy. Tuberculosis Infectious Diseases of Haiti 2010 edition factors which are beyond the scope of this module. Tuberculosis, cases Notes: Individual years: 28 2007 Also see reference Graph: Haiti. Various other mammals Vector None Vehicle Contact Incubation Period 8d 12d Diagnostic Tests Identification of parasite. Typical Adult Therapy Extraction of parasite Typical Pediatric Therapy As for adult Painful papule or nodule, usually on the feet may be multiple; begins 1 to 2 weeks after walking on Clinical Hints dry soil; secondary infections and tetanus are described. Bicho de pe, Chica, Chigger, Chigoe flea, Jigger, Nigua, Puce-chique, Tu, Tunga penetrans, Tunga trimamillata, Tungosis.

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It is critical that all necrotic A very low threshold of suspicion should be applied tissue be resected and that the margins of resection con to invasive burn wound sepsis blood pressure medication morning or evening order lanoxin 0.25mg visa. An extremity is clearly easier tion should be aggressive blood pressure and exercise lanoxin 0.25mg with visa, and containment through to debride than is the trunk hypertension 16070 cheap lanoxin 0.25 mg. Fortunately, extended to the chest wall, making full debridement the advent of aggressive surgical removal of the burn impossible. If anaerobic gas gangrene is diagnosed, and if wound has made burn wound sepsis a rare event. The fulminant nature of clostridia myonecrosis and the extensive associated toxin Clinical Features production make this infection particularly lethal. If the presence of microorganisms in the wound and ongo early aggressive debridement of all infected tissue is not ing tissue necrosis in the burn eschar result in continuous accomplished, a fatal outcome is to be expected. Systemic Pathology of burns antibiotics play little role in the prophylaxis of infections All burn wounds become colonized with microorgan con? The infection is more frequent in warm, b) gram-negative aerobic bacteria (Enterobacter, humid conditions and is common in children. Poverty, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, and crowding, and poor personal hygiene promote impetigo, Acinetobacter). Debridement and topical antimicrobial therapy case, vesiculopustules form that subsequently rupture and are the mainstays of therapy become crusted. Affected patients usually develop multi ple red and tender lesions in exposed areas at sites of minor 5. Impetigo results in little or no systemic sepsis, but it may be accom panied by local lymphadenopathy. Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis is a rare complication that can pre vented by early antibiotic treatment. Fortunately, early burn excision has greatly Impetigo may be treated topically (see Table 10. The high fatality rate cillin?clavulanate, erythromycin, cephalexin, dicloxacillin, associated with infection is explained by a combination and topical mupirocin ointment are effective and should of immune suppression, lung parenchymal damage from therefore be used, provided that local strains of staphylo smoke inhalation, and the impossibility of immediately cocci do not harbor resistance to the selected agent. The covering the wound to provide an effective barrier to preferred treatment is oral erythromycin (250 mg or, in infection, even though massive burns can be excised. An alternative is oral cephalexin (250 mg every 6 the burn patient?s normal? hyperdynamic state mimics hours or 500 mg twice daily for 10 days). Exposure to whirlpools, swim Successful treatment of burn wound infections is ming pools, and hot tubs contaminated with P. Appropriate systemic antibiotics nosa because of inadequate chlorination can cause may ameliorate some systemic manifestations, but they whirlpool? folliculitis. Antibiotic administration and do little to treat the primary infection in the burn corticosteroid therapy predispose to Candida folliculitis. Emergent excision of infected burn eschar is the the lesions of folliculitis are often small and multiple. Excision removes the They are erythematous and may have a central pustule at source of infection, but it may lead to severe bacteremia the peak of the raised lesion. Although defective neutrophil function has been sought in this condition, it is rarely found. About Impetigo and Folliculitis Furunculosis is a painful nodular lesion that usually drains pus spontaneously. For b) Treat with amoxicillin?clavulanate,dicloxacillin, carbuncles or furuncles in a patient with fever, antimi cephalexin, or erythromycin. Carbuncles are larger subcutaneous abscesses ointment applied to the anterior nares bilaterally twice that represent a progression from furuncles. The primary complica a) hot compresses to promote spontaneous tion of concern is recurrent folliculitis, but progressive drainage, infection attributable to P. Patients with recurrent episodes of skin losis, chlorhexidine solution for bathing, attention to abscess often suffer anxiety because of the discomfort personal hygiene, appropriate laundering of garments, and cosmetic effects of the infections. Results of microbiologic studies, including rent episodes of furuncles or carbuncles who have docu Gram stain and routine culture should direct subsequent mented nasal carriage of the organism.

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  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Adult: 1.5 - 12.4 mIU/ml
  • Older adults
  • Rapid heart rate (rapid pulse)
  • Complete blood count (CBC)


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