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HTS Alumni Social  HTS Alumni Social - Saturday, May 16, 2015
We enjoyed a fun afternoon with many HTS alums and HTS alumni families at Gouveia Vineyard. 
HTS Centennial Celebration: April 27, 2013HTS Centennial Celebration: April 27, 2013 - Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Save the date -  APRIL 27, 2013 - Join us for a terrific evening celebrating 100 years of excellence in the community. 
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"Remember, Reunite, Reconnect"! Alumni Homecoming Dinner & Dance - Saturday, November 27, 2010
Lights twinkled amidst a festively decorated Villa Capri and Holy Trinity School's inaugural Homecoming Dinner & Dance. More than 150 attendees reunited, including former parents and alumni from the 1943 through 1991. As Father Gary Simeone's extended the opening blessings, exquisite dining and dancing followed into the evening. Amidst peals of laughter, many shared memories,  photographs and reunions with beloved teacher Dom Forino.
Kudos extend to the generous support of all alumni and friends, and especially to the Committee members for a great success.
" Seeing everyone again was exhilarating. Thank you for organizing the perfect Homecoming!"
Alumni Homecoming Event Inaugural Success!!Alumni Homecoming Event Inaugural Success!! - Saturday, November 27, 2010
Attired in his HTS uniform, Coach Tim Ryan eyed opposing Coach Tom Collette on the sidelines. With Tiger championship banners unfurled on the walls, former HTS players finalized game plans. With Dom Forino officiating, this was no ordinary night on the parquet floor. Holy Trinity School hosted the first Alumni Basketball game. Competitive spirits flashed as players from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s reunited. With the first tip-off, teams traded fast breaks and three point bombs. The Park and Recreation spectators roared with delight as the alumni battled under the basket. From start to finish, Co-Chairmen Jim Killen and Mark Gengras smiled as the Alumni game displayed the sportsmanship and dazzle of years past.
Kudos to all Committee members including Lisa Chuba, Kim Pisani and Andrea Madar for their help, as well as Mark Gengras' generous donation of the game shirts.
" Electric! Playing for HTS again brought back so many memories!"
Alumni Homecoming 2010



Alumni Quotes

While it’s true HTS is a great school, there is something else that separates it from other schools. There is a different sense in the community, a sense it is more of one big family than a school.  The core values that HTS instills coupled with the school’s academic excellence, prepared me for a bright future.  Without a doubt, I would not be the person I am today without HTS.

 Lisa Chuba - Class of 1986


There is no doubt that Holy Trinity School laid the groundwork for the high school, college and law school education I was fortunate enough to pursue in the years that followed.  In a profession where the ability to write clearly and succinctly is critical, I still go back in my mind first to the lessons and rules that were drummed in my head by the Sisters and lay teachers of Holy Trinity.  But far more than that, when I think of my days at this school, I remember how I thought of my classmates then -- and still do now -- as my brothers and sisters, even when we didn't always get along. I remember the sense of community and how close the parents became, not just in my class, but over the years, as our families took the same journey.  And I remember that, even though I first dreaded the idea of being ripped from my home as a five-year-old to go to this place for six or seven hours a day, Holy Trinity School, along with Holy Trinity Church, soon became as much a home to me as my house on Colony Street.  Although it was my parents who shouldered the financial burden of putting all five of us through for eight years, it was worth every penny and I remain forever grateful for being able to have such fond memories of my days there. 

Jim Killen, Class of 1974.


Holy Trinity School gave me the foundation to become the intelligent, strong young woman that I am today.  I couldn't have asked for a more hospitable, loving environment.  Here is where I was taught a great work ethic and the importance of a good education, because of this I was very prepared for high school.  The friendships I made at Holy Trinity are ones that will last a life time.

Joelle Pisani.  Class of 2008


My grandmother was one of the first graduating classes of Holy Trinity School.  My children are fourth generation graduates.  At HTS I received an excellent education, a firm moral foundation and invaluable friendships that have lasted for more than twenty years. 

Kimberly Vincent-Pisani.  Class of 1986

Holy Trinity was a great starting point in my life! I learned and gained so much by attending HTS! My niece now attends and I recently came back for a visit to the school and it was great to see her there, being part of the same wonderful community and school I was part of.

Dr. Paul Jevelle  Class of 1991