Science and Technology
Catholic schools provide modern technology, including computer-assisted instruction across the curriculum and cutting-edge academics balanced with traditional wisdom and morality.

At Holy Trinity, we view technology as an effective and necessary tool, capable of expanding the communication, presentation and learning skills of our students, staff, and parents.


Each classroom contains networked computers and SMART Boards, which allows for a technology-integrated curriculum. Students use our newly renovated, state-of-the-art computer lab to enhance learning. iPads have been introduced and they are captivating the students' attention.

Our Holy Trinity website is updated regularly to keep parents and students aware of upcoming events, lunch menus, sports schedules, etc. Middle school parents (grades 6-8) are able to monitor their child’s progress through access to online homework assignment posts and student grades.

The Holy Trinity website also provides a password-protected gallery where students and families can enjoy photographs of classroom activities, field trips, and extra-curricular events, such as, music and sports.

The various aspects of technology branch out to encompass our science curriculum. A science coordinator creates hands-on activities for students. Sixth and eighth grade students create science fair projects that are the culmination of individual research projects.

Our science curriculum is further enhanced through our partnership withTalcott Mountain Science Center, which brings outside resources and technical equipment with which the students conduct experiments.

Students also participate in field trips to the Connecticut Science Center and the Discovery Museum.

Introduction to Engineering at HTS
  Partnering with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGOs, students at Holy Trinity School are applying real-world concepts in engineering and architecture.  Students are given a design/building assignment with guidance from an experienced Play-Well instructor.  Instructors from Play-Well TEKnologies have varied backgrounds and careers in art, education, and engineering.

Holy Trinity is pleased to partner with Play-Well for two reasons: this program enriches our math, science, and engineering curriculum, as well as highlights the professional success of our own graduate Mary Kate Boyd, HTS class of 2006. Mary Kate graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University with a BA in Studio Art.  She is the Connecticut Area Manager for Play-Well TEKnologies.  Students engage in adventurous learning and were inspired to think about their future.