Principal's Welcome

Dear Families,

You are entering a world where students believe, learn, and excel.  Holy Trinity School has the experience of teaching "tomorrow's leaders since 1913."  Through excellence in teaching, our students' standardized test scores are at least one year beyond national averages.  This past year, three of our graduates scored in the 98% in the Xavier entrance exam.  Their diligence was rewarded with substantial scholarships.

As a Catholic school, we emphasize Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching.  Students of all faiths are welcome at Holy Trinity School.

Twenty-first century skills are incorporated into all areas of learning.  Although the school is over 100 years old, it is up to the minute with technology.  All classrooms have SMART Boards and the school has a robust networking infrastructure providing high-speed internet access and protecting our students with appropriate content-filtering tools.  In addition to a computer lab, iPads are available to enhance learning.  In our middle school, there is a one-to-one ratio of iPads to students.  Students use tools such as, Edmodo and Google Classroom on a daily basis to interact with their teachers and peers.  Either working individually or in collaboration with other classmates, students have created amazing presentations, incorporating multimedia components with visual displays that have allowed in-depth understanding of the curriculum. 

In our dedication to encourage each child to reach his/her fullest potential, we offer enrichment through the arts and sciences, sports, and extracurricular activities.  We also strengthen community bonds through our active social calendar.

Bus transportation is offered to residents of Wallingford.  Through the Archbishop's Annual Appeal and the Holy Trinity Needy Student Fund, a limited amount of tuition assistance is available. 

I invite you to attend our "Open House" tours to see what Holy Trinity School has to offer both academically and spiritually.  Dates for "Open Houses" are listed on the website, but I am happy to arrange for individual tours. 


Sister Kathleen Kelly, R.S.M.